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Share your most memorable patient experience.

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The United for Patient Safety campaign is a National Patient Safety Foundation initiative asking both healthcare professionals and consumers to take a pledge to stand united in striving to reduce harm in patient care. These pledges underscore the important action each can take in their commitment to safety.


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Educational Videos Highlighting Patient Safety

Rosie Bartel

MRSA Survivor

Rosie is a teacher from a small town in Wisconsin.  She is also a wife, mother and grandmother.  She wasn't the least bit concerned about her knee replacement surgery. But after surgery, symptoms of an infection developed. The effects of the infection forever altered Rosie life.  Today Rosie is a speaker and advocate for "A World Without MRSA."  

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Why The World Needs A Germ-Zapping Robot

Watch this fun, short animated video to see how enhanced room disinfection like LightStrike Robots are helping hospitals improve the patient experience, support patient safety initiatives and reduce the risk of infection by eliminating those lingering pathogens from the environment. 

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Ask Me 3

National Patient Safety Foundation

Ask Me 3 is a National Patient Safety Foundation program that encourages patients and families to ask 3 specific questions of their providers to better understand their health and what they need to do to stay healthy.  Designed by health literacy experts, the program is intended to help patients become more active members of their healthcare team. 

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“The government is expecting all healthcare providers to increase the standards of care. We’ve all been working to rise to those standards.”

Dr. Debesh Das 

Infection Preventionist