Patient Safety Awareness Week
Share these educational tools and resources with patients and hospital staff.  


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Educational Videos Highlighting Patient Safety

Partnering to Heal 

This interactive playable traning simulation from the WILL was created to address team based prevention methods for hospital acquired infections. 

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Becker's Webcast 

This webinar titled "Building a Culture of Patient Safety in Today's Healthcare Environment" discusses the tools and healthcare policies driving improvements in patient safety. Panelists explore how these tools can be a resource to your facility.

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Why The World Needs A Germ-Zapping Robot

Watch this fun, short, animated video to see how enhanced room disinfection using LightStrike Robots are helping hospitals improve the patient experience, support patient safety initiatives, and reduce the risk of infection by eliminating deadly pathogens from the environment.

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“We want to do everything within our means to provide a clean environment to reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections. As we continue to focus on patient outcomes, we believe that one infection is too many. Patient safety is a top priority of ours and this investment [with Xenex] underscores our commitment to the patients we serve.”

Ann Heine
CEO of Surgical Specialty Center of Baton Rouge