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Candida auris Concerns are On the Rise

There's been a flurry of discussion around this emerging, often multi-drug resistant, fungus that causes serious and often deadly infections in healthcare settings. The CDC has termed Candida auris (C. auris)  a "serious global threat," offering guidance for healthcare facilities who are treating patients with an infection or those who are taking preparatory measures in the event a patient with C. auris enters their facility.


LightStrike Robots Are Effective Against C. auris

LightStrike's patented Pulsed Xenon light has been validated to destroy multi-drug resistant pathogens such as C. auris. Adding the Xenex Robot to your hospital's infection prevention bundle can help prevent the spread of C. auris and many other multi-drug resistant pathogens that pose an infection risk in the hospital environment. If you're interested in talking with a Xenex representative about our protocol for C. auris, click here.