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Disinfection Tracking System 

Research has shown that disinfection often does not occur as frequently as it should. Healthcare facilities need validation that Portable Medical Equipment (PME), other equipment, or areas have been disinfected and are ready for use. 

The Xenex Disinfection Tracking System, a new IoT technology, is designed for verifying the cleaning and disinfection of PME or areas that require routine disinfection, such as: 

  • Equipment: Portable medical equipment such as IV pumps, computer or workstation on wheels, vitals machine, portable ultrasounds, portable EKG machines
  • Surfaces: Patient rooms, nurses' stations, canteen/kitchen, microbiology laboratory, manikins in simulation centers
  • Spaces: Clean equipment rooms, clean supply rooms, patient rooms, storage cabinets, restrooms, or refrigerators

The Xenex Disinfection Tracking System enables you to: 

  • Track cleaning with liquid chemicals
  • Track disinfection with UV technology
  • Log cleaning activity
  • Record cleaning events to help with compliance reporting
  • Gather user feedback (instantaneous)
  • Benefit from automated and remote monitoring of cleaning activity

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