World Leader In Disinfection Innovation 

Proven And Chosen by Leading Hospitals To Deactivate Pathogens 

Most Intense UV Germ-Zapping Robots:

Xenex_StagedSymbol_RGB.png Pulsed Xenon UV
High intensity broad spectrum UV that deactivates harmful germs in light speed

Xenex_StagedSymbol_RGB.png Fast Cycle Time
5 minutes or less to deactivate deadly germs in the environment

Xenex_StagedSymbol_RGB.png Chemical-free
Our no-touch innovative technology does not cause material damage 

Xenex_StagedSymbol_RGB.png User-Friendly
Start your enhanced disinfection program immediately due to our simple setup and user interface

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LightStrike6 Features

Intense and Effective

UV that deactivates harmful germs rapidly, thoroughly and efficiently

Safety Features

End-user protection including visual alerts for notifications and remediation

Automatic Updates

Allow new product features and enhancements without interruption

Proven Effective by more than

40 Peer Reviewed Studies

  • 100% VRE deactivated
  • 99.99% SARS-CoV-2 deactivated
  • 99.99% MRSA deactivated
  • 95% C. diff spores deactivated