Zap Germs with LightStrike Robots 

Fast. Safe. Effective. Xenex is the world leader in UV disinfection innovation. 

The San Antonio International Airport (SAT) is the first and only airport in the world to deploy LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots powered by Xenex. LightStrike Robots are chemical-free, user-friendly and effective against deactivating deadly pathogens.

The LightStrike Robot has been proven to deactivate SARS-CoV-2*, the pathogen that causes COVID-19. Enhance disinfection at your airport to give peace of mind to your passengers and staff.

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Fast Disinfection. Safe Travels.

Xenex works with you to set a new standard for environmental disinfection through a consultative service and support approach to easily integrate LightStrike into your cleaning protocol/infection control bundle. 

LightStrike uses a patented Pulsed Xenon UV light system that produces UV across the entire germicidal spectrum (200-315 nm), killing the pathogens at the wavelengths where they are most susceptible. 

SAT top priority was the health and safety of their passengers and staff, therefore they have enhanced disinfection at their airport by deploying the LightStrike Robot. Read more.  

Destroy Deadly Germs

Unlike other disinfection products,

Check out the difference for yourself!

World Leader in UV Disinfection

LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots


Easy to implement into manual cleaning processes and requires minimal training


Do not worry about harming any materials with our no-touch innovative technology

Pulsed Xenon Light

Zaps intense Xenon light that covers the full germicidal spectrum for fast and effective disinfection

Data Reporting

Track usage and analyze progress in workflows with your team to increase efficiency

Top Brands in the World Trust Xenex


“We are proud to be a leader in the aviation industry when it comes to health and safety, and to be the first airport to employ the LightStrike.” 

-Jesus Saenz, Jr., Director of Airports for the City of San Antonio